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ProRally 1:1 Driver Development Courses

“Learning to drive a rally car is like climbing a ladder. Every step represents one of the infinite range of variables a rally driver can encounter and is a piece of invaluable knowledge.” Bill Gwynne

We tailor our coaching to the experience of each individual driver to help them achieve their objectives from the course.   And rally driving coaching works for drivers from most forms of motorsport and performance car driving, not just stage rally driving.  Drivers from circuit racing, track days, classic cars, kart racing and endurance rallying have all used rally driving coaching to broaden their range of driving techniques and improve their overall driving confidence.

“The key to acquiring as much knowledge as possible is to complete each step fully, before moving on to the next step.” Bill Gwynne

We combine drivers’ specific objectives and preferred style of learning with our range of coaching techniques and in-car video analysis to present a comprehensive, objective assessment of their driving.

To provide a thorough grounding in the core rally driving techniques drivers will be coached in the following areas

  • Balancing the car with throttle, brakes and steering
  • The principles and practice of weight transfer
  • The principles and practice of oversteer
  • Using the full range of throttle movement
  • Lift off oversteer
  • Inducing and controlling power slides
  • Avoiding understeer, countering understeer
  • Developing the co-ordination required to complete efficient handbrake turns
  • Effective braking and judgment of braking distances
  • Looking ahead and reading the road
  • Line selection and adjustment
  • Identifying levels of grip and surface changes

The course is an intensive, focussed and hugely rewarding learning experience, you will be genuinely amazed at what we can help you achieve.

Select your Development Route

National Half Day

This is the first step in adapting your range of driving experiences to loose surface rally driving and we have everything you need to get underway! In the car of your choice our Motorsport UK licenced driving coach will use a range of techniques to help you learn how to balance the car with throttle and steering to achieve great power slides and perfect handbrake turns!

International One Day

With your race suit and crash helmet fitted for the initial demonstration laps you’re course begins. Your Motorsport UK licenced driving coach will demonstrate the route you’ll follow and the techniques you’ll develop to produce confident, controlled power slides, powerful braking and the ideal rally line through countless corners and dozens of handbrake turns. You will be encouraged to explore your own limits, turn in earlier than is logical and use power when your brain says no!

World Rally Course 3-10 Day

The World Rally Course is designed to provide a comprehensive and thorough grounding in the rally driving techniques required to drive rear, front and four wheel drive cars. You can choose to drive one, two or all three types of car; include gravel training on Welsh forest and tarmac surfaces and select a course duration to suit your objectives.
It is an intensive learning experience. Your Motorsport UK licenced driving coach will make an initial assessment of your driving and use a range of coaching techniques to develop your skill level in the core areas. Our primary objective is to help you to develop an intuitive feel for rally driving techniques.

Welsh Forest Gravel

The famous rally roads Sweet Lamb in Wales have been used on Britain’s round of the World Rally Championship for decades. Along with the facility at Walters Arena they provide first class training venues for gravel rally training with a variety of routes; low to high speed; range of corners and elevation changes. Your Motorsport UK licenced driving coach will guide you to safely become competent and confident driving the demanding stages.

Tarmac School

The ProRally Driver Tarmac School is designed to help you develop your skill level in the core range of tarmac rally driving techniques or for the more experienced driver, refine established techniques to achieve better stage times. The course is delivered using your own Motorsport UK log booked rally car with our Motorsport UK licenced driving coach guiding you safely to explore your own limits to achieve your course objectives.

Junior Driver Development

"Every rally driver climbs a ladder of experience, every step is a piece of invaluable knowledge and the range of variable elements a rally driver needs to acquire knowledge of is considerable. The key to acquiring as much knowledge of as many of these variables as possible is to complete each step fully, before moving on to the next. This is particularly important on the initial steps." Bill Gwynne


Professional Racing Driver

Enaam Ahmed British F3 Champion 2017

“The best racing driver in the world is going to be the most versatile . . . the trick to being the best racing driver possible is having an adaptable driving style – being able to change from aggressive to smooth, this to that. It (rally driving training at Bill Gwynne Rallyschool International] helps when you go to new tracks like Pau, when you’ve got to feel everything and use your instinct. Rally driving helps you pick that up a lot more because you just have to drive what you feel rather than what you know. Rally driving has definitely improved my ability! My first pole position of the year was at Pau in wet qualifying. I went on the rally training course just before Pau and I think it made a big difference – my car control was really good. I would definitely recommend it to young drivers coming out of karting because it’s good for them to understand how you can drift a car. Even for older drivers it would still be beneficial.”

Interview with Matt Kew, Autosport Magazine

Amateur Racing Driver

Adam Knight Lotus Cup

“I raced at Spa a few days after my ProRally Driver Course.  I qualified 3rd and finished 4th in the race.  The rally training proved invaluable, I had lots of oversteer in the wet and would almost certainly been off had I not spent the day with you guys. Thank you!”

Track Day Driver

Ross Drybrough Porsche GT3

“I’ve done over two hundred track days and I honestly thought I’d be great at rally driving as I could ‘drive’.  What I didn’t realise was how challenging and humbling an experience it was going to be for me.  I started to get it but I definitely didn’t get it to the degree I’d expected. It’s given me a new perspective and I’m a lot more confident on the track.  Rally driving is so much more involving than circuit driving, I have a great admiration for rally drivers.”

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