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The beauty of rally driving is learning how to make a car power slide and do great handbrake turns! We don’t have speed or rev limits and we’ll encourage you to drive quickly enough to learn the techniques and then as quickly as your ability allows!

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Rally Experience with Suburu on Rally Stage

Rally Experiences

We’ll ask you to ignore the norms of everyday driving, learn how to make a car power slide and do great handbrake turns. You’ll smile from ear to ear driving our 'Awesome' Subaru Impreza, 'Classic' MK II Ford Escort or 'Magical' Nissan Micra rally cars!

1:1 Driver Development

"Learning to drive a rally car is like climbing a ladder. Every step represents one of the infinite range of variables a driver can encounter and is a piece of invaluable knowledge that benefits drivers from every form of motorsport." Bill Gwynne

Rally Licences

A quick adrenaline fix! On this neat little entry into the wonderful world of rally driving you’ll get a real flavour for sliding a rally car from corner to corner!

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